Conscious, Rooted and Striving

Conscious of the Past

  • We build on the abundant historical knowledge of design and construction that preceded us
  • We stand on the shoulders of our predecessors and find inspiration in the great masterworks of the past

Rooted in the Present

  • While being conscious of the past, it is very important to be rooted in our own time and place
  • Our projects stem from a deep reading of their site and context. We are sure to respond to local environmental conditions such as solar orientation, prevailing wind and topography. We survey the context of every project, understand local typologies and respond in a thoughtful and progressive manner
  • We employ cutting edge tools and techniques in seeking novel design solutions and aesthetic possibilities. We use 3d parametric modeling, generative algorithms and virtual reality on every project to leverage our design skills and pursue beautiful functional designs

Striving for an Ideal Future

  • We are optimistic in our ability to shape the future
  • We believe that every project should make a positive contribution to the global biosphere
  • Our primary focus in seeking greater sustainability in the built environment is through enhancing energy efficiency and intensifying the use of wood in construction